How we deal with complaints 2020-10-12T11:33:57+00:00

The overwhelming majority of dental professionals work hard to provide the highest standards of care for their patients. As a result, most patients are satisfied with the care and treatment they receive. However, as with any service or product, from time to time things do go wrong and a problem can arise leading to dissatisfaction and complaints.

While few people welcome complaints, an effective complaints management system, operated with a positive attitude towards complaints, can provide the practitioner with an opportunity to both maintain and improve their relationship with their patients. This is our aim: we always look for the best way to solve each individual complaint and get a satisfactory result. Our complaints resolution process is designed with that in mind.

We expect patients to raise their complaints firstly with their dental practice. We hope that in most cases this will result in the complaint being resolved; however, if the complaint remains unresolved, we will try to help.
We may be able to achieve a satisfactory result for you and your dentist by acting as an intermediary to help establish common ground.

If you are not happy with our service at any stage in the process please let us know.